From architecture and engineering projects to tender preparation and work inspections of resorts anywhere in the world.

Real-time design experience

We guarantee the proposal of the best performance of the building with a project guided by the highest spatial quality requirements.

Using BIM software the project is experienced in real time, providing a unique experience in project development.

Our design is based on open dialogue and idea sharing with the client. We are commited in developing custom solutions, strongly connected with the locale.

Complete package

Our team of in-house engineers and partner consultants have decades of experience. We can provide all engineering requirements you may need, from large to small projects.
Structural (Concrete, Steel, Wood or Light Steel Frame), water and sewage, thermal, acoustic, electrical, telecommunications, domotics, HVAC, infrastructures, road design are just a few examples on what we are ready to offer.

Bills of Quantities and Specs

Due to our practice with building our own projects, defining the Bill of Quantities and Specifications has become our second nature. The tools we use make that work extremely precise and less prone to error. We use market values and estimate the projects as we would build them ourselves. The market varies quite fast, and we keep track.

Diagnosis and prescription

Our buildings are complex and imperfect objects. Due to poor project design, execution or usage they develop anomalies. We can help you identify them and prescribe a possible solution. Using advanced methodologies of diagnosis and our combined knowledge we can help you improve your building.

Technical fiduciaries

Work supervision renders us responsible on behalf of our client at the worksite. We are the independent technical fiduciaries that are responsible for guaranteeing the compliance of the project by the construction. We use advanced software that enable us to perform at a optimal level.