We design dreams. Deliver solutions. Build projects.

About Us

Wallnut Construction Business was founded in late 2016. Joining a team of young architects and engineers set out to make things differently.
Using BIM software we can ensure greater precision, speed, and output of maps and information, which in turn enables us to make iterative design options. This way we can make more informed decisions for our clients. We also trust our processes and are always looking for ways to improve everything we lay our hands-on.

Our Mission

At Wallnut – Construction Business we strive to make the built world a better and more beautiful place. We are passionate about designing and delivering playful, holistic, smart, and sustainable solutions.

Our Vision

Wallnut will always be a leading architecture, engineering, and construction company in Portugal designing and building beautiful and sustainable buildings, actively listening to clients and partners, continuously improving processes, and investing in knowledge and technology.

Our Services

Architecture | Engineering
Construction | Rehabbing
Project Management
Consulting | Inspecting | Surveying