098. Vale Boeiro

The municipality of Seixal, in the district of Setúbal, is located in the Lisbon Region. The city is bordered to the north by the Tagus River. The region is known for its agricultural and industrial sectors. The journey to Lisbon takes about 30 minutes by car and by boat about 50 minutes.


Place: Seixal, Portugal.

Area: 193m2

Phase: Finished


Vale Boeiro House before Project

The project aimed at rehabilitation with expansion. This was carried out with the objective of better integrating the house in its urban context, being flanked by houses with two floors, this object was in discontinuity with the surroundings. As the main objective is to expand the area of ​​the house – manifestly insufficient for the family that inhabits it -by providing it with more compartments, including bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, this traditional house has reinvented itself with contemporary ways of life.

The concern with adapting the solution to its users was a constant in the project’s development. A challenge during the construction phase was adapting the existing structure to the proposal. Thus, a composite structure of laminated steel and light steel was built, allowing this house to adapt to the most current building codes, and improving its seismic, thermal and acoustic performance.

Vale Boeiro Project
Vale Boeiro blueprint 1
Vale Boeiro blueprint 2
Vale Boeiro blueprint 3
Vale Boeiro blueprint 5
Vale Boeiro blueprint 4

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