543. Paços de Gaiolo

Place: Paços de Gaiolo, Portugal.

Area: 34500m²

Phase: Under Construction

Date: 2021 – Ongoing


The region is surrounded by much history and is located 70km from Porto. Chapels of Senhora da Livração de Fandinhes, Castelo de Fandinhes, and the Parish Church of São Clemente are examples of what the region offers. The project consists of carrying out an intervention in three buildings, Casa de Gaiolo (Castle), the construction of a new Villa (Villa Douro), and a Bungalow (Dourito).

Paços de Gaiolo
Paços de Gaiolo Vila Douro

Vila Douro


Focus: Single-family with three bedrooms and pool

Area: 27837.5m²

Construction: 478.9m²

In the privileged landscape of the Douro, in a land with a very steep slope, the implantation and integration of the house was a primordial theme to hurt the surrounding nature as little as possible. The view was the critical element in the development of this project, with an almost monomaniac search for the landscape.

Being an isolated object, the project takes advantage of alignments and transparencies to obtain relationships of contiguity and continuity between the spaces and between the interior and the exterior, with fluid circulations. Spread over three floors, clearly defined in terms of volume, favoring local materials, the house opens to the south and onto the vineyards.


Kitchen Vila Douro - Paços de Gaiolo
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BluePrint Paços de Gaiolos 5
BluePrint Paços de Gaiolos 6
BluePrint Paços de Gaiolos 2
BluePrint Paços de Gaiolos 3
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